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Coconut Shell Bowl

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A truly eco-friendly and sustainable way to eat is out of these food-safe and ultra stylish natural coconut shell bowls.

Coconuts in general contain wonderfully varied attributes such coconut water and its many uses of it's white Flesh.  Now the Coconut shell has a nourishing effect as a serving Bowl. 

By purchasing and using these coconut shells you are well and truly contributing to the upcycling movement towards sustainable living.

  • Food Safe
  • Hand made from 100% Natural Coconut Shell
  • Natural Finish - polished with pure coconut oil
  • Lightweight & easy to clean
  • Suitable for hot and cold foods
  • Each Bowl uniquely beautiful in it's own size, shape, markings and imperfections. 
  • Multi Functional Breakfast, Snacks and portion controlled Dinner Bowl 

Sustainably hand made in Vietnam, supporting small family business.

Length:  Diameter: 13.5cm, depth: 6 cm

Approximates, as the Coconut Shell's vary in size slightly 

Care Instructions:

Handwash only. 
Not recommended for the microwave 
Not recommended for the Freight - We suggest for immediate serving of foods. 

The shell bowl over time may start to look dry, we recommend using coconut oil rubbed into the wood to bring it back to life.