Leonardi Laboratories Stearic Acid 500g

Leonardi Laboratories Stearic Acid 500g

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Vegetable source fatty acid used to thicken and stabilize formulations. Used in creams and lotions. It is used as a hardener in stick products and in soap. It is obtained from Palm Oil and is used as wax components in creams to provide increased consistency and skin protection.

Stearic Acid is often added to creamy cleansers to increase the viscosity, improve the skin feel and boost the creaminess of the foam.

Manufacturing Notes:  Add into the oil phase and heat thoroughly. Stearic Acid doesn't melt until 69-71C and can cause granulation in your finished product if not properly mixed in.

Please note:  COSMETIC GRADE.  Not to be taken.  

Recommended Use Rate: 1 - 25%
Required HLB: 15
Appearance: White Granular
INCI: Stearic Acid