RAW Rose Water 200ml

RAW Rose Water 200ml

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The Every Bit Organic Raw Rose Water is extracted from 100% organic rose petals to create a popular skin care product that dates back from the ancient times. Rose water has built a reputation as a natural healer for treating acne by cleansing the skin by removing all traces of oil and dirt accumulated on clogged pores.

Skin Care Benefits Of Rose Water

Rose water can be used as a toner, as it helps to tighten and tone the capillaries just below the skin, reduce redness and soothe irritated skin. It contains trace amounts of vitamins C and E, and similar to witch hazel, it is a rich source of phytochemicals, including tannins. Its therapeutic qualities are known to cleanse, maintain and protect skin, which make it a natural product solution for clear younger looking skin

General Facts

At ‘Australian Organic Products + More’ we offer Every Bit Organic, an Australian manufacturer that has bottled the purest Raw Rose Water by using purified water distilling processes. It is 100% organic, straight from the original source. Rose water may be especially valuable for dry, sensitive and aging skin. 


100% Certified Organic Rose Water.